Saturday, February 21, 2015

Online bookings

Hi to all the readers,

online booking is a very convenient way to book accommodation, no doubt.

For small B&B's like this one it is BEST to use our own website to make the booking.
The cost for this service is very good for us, nearly the same as processing credit cards ourselves- yes we pay for all this.
Also, we don't have to pay commission to big online booking machines, and they can add up!

The best thing is though that on our website's online, secure and life facility is a very good 4 night stay special, which guests can only book with us. Check it out:

Anyone can still phone us direct to make a booking and that is just perfect. We will ask for credit card details and charge the card and email the receipt.

Wishing you a great day from sunny Cow Bay!
and Cow Bay Homestay B&B

Friday, February 13, 2015

In the Wet

 well it is the Wet now, we think.....
The forecast is for lots of rain over the week end. We have had some , up to 100mm on a day, but really it is just drizzly and then very heavy rain with big wind gusts. This makes it hard to do anything, as I have to be ready to run---yes run, very quickly-- and collect all the tools at the same time.
Sometimes also the kittens....
We have 2 boy cats , kittens: Ginger and Tabby, we picked up from Daintree Village on 3. Jan this year. They are truly delightful and now big enough to do some gardening with me. This really means that they run around a lot, run up any tree in the way and generally have lots of fun chasing each other. They keep close and/or come back after short excursions. After these outings, they are totally exhausted and have a big sleep! Great.
We have lots of fun with them and they even do some things we insist on: no sitting on tables!

I will post some more photos as they do grow quickly.
Well, in other news:
 the creek is running really well, the crocs may have left the beach now, and the stingers should be swept out to sea with all the fresh water in Cow Bay. Guided walks are good now with the animals very active in this wet and cooler weather.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

2 Tree Kangaroos in back yard!!!

 what is that? I am wondering walking between our houses this morning.
Very long bushy tail otherwise maybe a pademelon.
Noooo, IT IS a Tree Kangaroo. Which was a little surprised as well and considered climbing on a tree but then chose the bush.
Brian heard two of them before making rather wild noises in the between the trees; is this called mating maybe...
We have never before seen one of these guys here. Very excited. Then, maybe we are the honeymoon destination for them, so later on, they go home where they usually live.
You know...people do a similar thing....
I try to get a photo next time.

PM supports power!!!

This is on website
6:29pm Nov 23
Energy and energy efficiency was firmly placed on the agenda at the G20 in Brisbane last week.
Tony Abbott made the following statement:

I was really pleased today that the climate discussion was in the context of a session devoted to energy efficiency because there are 1.3 billion people around our globe – one fifth of the world’s population that don’t have access to electricity. Now, how can these people lead a decent life? How can those people live the kind of life that people in Germany and Australia take for granted, without access to power?

So, we do have to expand access to power and the only way to make power more available, to make electricity more available and at the same time address the emissions issue is if we tackle energy efficiency.

I am not making this up, read it on the PM's website, last paragraph down the bottom;

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Support finally

this is brand new NEWS

I will let you when we are connected.......on this property....

On a more cheerful note, Dad Cassowary marched through with his tiny, tiny chick yesterday afternoon. The chick is so small, that I had to zoom it in, by that stage Dad was already in the forest.
They were in a hurry....
Have a great day.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Air Conditioned? Yes !

 just to let everyone know, we are the only B&B accommodation north of the Daintree River with air conditioners in the bed rooms!!!
These are brand new and efficient, and very quiet. Available from November to April/May.
We still are not on mains power---this is another story and out of our hands----,
so the old rule applies: if you don't use it or need it: lights, fans, air cons, please turn it off. The batteries can only supply so much.
And yes: we so have some vacancies; check availability here
and book your visit.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

New Destination Daintree Website

 check it out
brand new website, all done with volunteer work by our cooperative: Daintree Marketing Cooperative and of course a specialist from Cairns.
Please comment!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our Driveway- please enter!

 recently guests became scared about our driveway.
When you arrive the first time, it is a little unusual already to have driven all the way from Cairns, to take the Daintree River Ferry and then to experience for the first time this magnificent part of FNQ = Far North Queensland.
Lush forest, enormous trees, vines everywhere.
From the turn off in Cow Bay, Buchanan Creek Road, it takes ca 5 km to Wattle Close on the right Drive into Wattle Close, 2 minutes, and our sign, " Cow Bay Homestay B&B " is on the left. You will see that you can go into the driveway behind the sign.
First gear, take it easy, follow the path/driveway and over the bridge, yes!,  and then up the other side. Now that wasn't so bad, right !!! Most cars are front-wheel-drive, and this driveway is just what they are very good at.
Beep the car horn, please.
A lot of the new hire cars are so quiet, that I can't hear your arrival even just in the backyard,...I do use the waiting for a spot of gardening...
So, there.
Shall I make a cup of coffee or tea for you, or a glass of our fantastic water? Then I'll tell you a little what you can do while visiting us here in the Daintree rainforest.
Have a great day. Marion