Monday, April 14, 2014

Cyclone Ita

 on Friday night, Cyclone Ita gave us all a big scare with category 5 and 300km/h winds on the forecast, but then it was not so bad at all. Some places had fallen trees and damage from that. Some roads and bridges are closed, all temporary and hopefully the Daintree Ferry will be back in action this morning. So, the North is ready for our Easter visitors !
But such a cyclone makes everyone tidy up and lock up the houses and we  fitted shutters  to our Garden House. The veranda has to be cleared: where to with all the plants, pots, BBQ, chairs, benches? We live more out- than indoors, so there is a lot to be moved. Then after the cyclone is gone, rearrange everything again. We are very happy though, how it all went and now we can go into the dry season!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New tours in the area

 here are links to new tours, one Sky Rail from Cairns to Kuranda
and this one for 'foodies' and only for adults
I hope this gives you more ideas of things to do up here in the North; is may mean you have to exstend your visit!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Air Cons are in !!!

 right-- after some delays the guest rooms are now air conditioned. YES.
This is a huge thing for us, as we run on solar and generator power and had to make some changes to our system. The government is promising us to 'look into' mains power to this area. It seems we are too small, too remote and even though we are the Tourism Icon: Daintree Rainforest somehow not in line. They also have no money.... We decided to set ourselves up for the future and when the mains power arrives here we can connect anyway, but waiting 18 years takes its toll.
So:::: guest can now choose to turn the air conditioners on in the wet season. The first guests who tried it out, loved it. It is very quiet and fast. They had promptly not had it on the next night, as it was quiet cool, 23 C and the fan was enough. The air con will be great though on those hot, humid, still days when one gets out of the shower, to dry off  and is wet immediately. Maybe go to sleep with is on for another hour and then have it turned off automatically. I am sure people get the idea.
Meanwhile we have had some rain!
There are 2 cyclones in FNQ right now. One off to our west, one off to our south and we seem to have a 'convergence', which had brought us non-stop heavy rain  last night. Result: 390 mm in Cow Bay. That is even called rain here. There is a bit more to come we are told, well we'll see...
But it is 29 C during the day, all very relaxed.
Check the website for vacant rooms and come to stay to see/feel/experience it all.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

30 December 2013

 nearly the end of this year, looking forward to 2014 and more good experiences here in FNQ of Australia and the beautiful area we live in.
Here are some pages from a wonderful photo album special people made for us as a Christmas present. We think it does capture our place perfectly. Thank you to D&K

It looks much better than these photos do.
Christmas is gone, with lovely visitors and guests, lots of presents and yummy food and drinks, even some non alcoholic..... Perfect weather even though on the day it rained so we didn't 'do' the usual thing on the beach. Good for a long walk along the beach though for some.
More perfect weather since and after listening to guests raving about their reef trip with our locally run boat yesterday I have booked in for tomorrow !!!! Yes,...3km/h wind, it should be flat as and great visibility. Just air out the stinger suit, so I don't have to use all that sunscreen and off I go......
For today there is lots of washing and some mowing on the list. Not bad, yes??!!!!!
Wishing everyone a great time on New Year Eve so 2014 is properly started and hopefully bring great times and prosperity.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Now in November

 wow time is flying... we must have had fun.
Here are a couple of photos

Now, this is a little historic:
These chairs are called 'sqatters chairs' and were usually home build, way back during the pioneer days, when furniture was not bought in shops, why ?: no shops yet! These chairs I bought maybe 30 years ago in a garage sale in Rockhampton and they were our pride and joy on the veranda there for years. They finally made their way to Cow Bay and I restored them  6 years ago. Most recently they were in front of the Garden House, as they are a little bulky. Well, the other day Brian sat in one and on getting up: the whole thing fell apart into all its bits, due to wood rott. It looked that somehow they were set out to be assembled, however the opposite was the case. The End!

Now this little guy sat in front of the sliding doors this morning obviously had hit the plexi glass and got himself stunned. I gave him a little rescue remedy and sat him on the cloth, where he seemed fine. Not flying off, I was worried that it may be a baby bird waiting for the parents to come to pick him up, but eventually he took off into the mandarin tree and then flew off later. The bird book says, it is a mistle toe bird, much to my surprise. Not that I know what they look like but I didn't know that they are so tiny, ca. 85mm. Cute as!!!
Half way through November now and it is a little warmer and tropical and we all wishing for some serious rain to flush the creeks out, which are very dry now. Hopefully this  will be soon, so we can go cooling off in all the waterholes afterwards.
Right,..... guest rooms to prepare, mangoes and papaya to freeze and busy keeping cool over noon.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tips === online bookings

 for your online booking the best you can do is book direct on my website. This will give you direct, up to date availability and full benefit of our follow up confirmation and info sheet, we have prepared for you. There are now numerous sites who compete and rather stymie the small B&Bs, plus we have no contacts for guests to advice them of any particular info to assist with their arrival and visit here.
Just a tip.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fresh local Durian for breakfast !!!

 our local Durian growers are happy that flowers are on the trees, meaning we should be able to have fresh Cow Bay Durian for breakfast during February/.March . Durian, the King of the tropical fruits is fairly unusual in shape and taste. People all over Asia love this fruit. Well: you know the 'drill' online bookings are on the website.