Thursday, August 09, 2012

Orange Shrimp Plant

This very pretty and striking plant has been the mystery in the garden for some years. My friend Coral gave me a lot of plants some years ago, when we redesigned the garden, and as it goes with busy collectors of plants she didn't know the name of this plant, suspecting that she and her friend probably liked it 'somewhere' and took a cutting.
Fortunatly one of our guests recently tracked down the name:
Its formal name is Aphelandra Sinclairinia or Coral Aphelandra and its
common name is Orange Shrimp Plant.
I love the name, it somehow it very fitting. Orange Shrimp Plant, is easily planted by taking cuttings and sticking them inot the wet ground beginning of the wet season. It starts flowering around June, this year in May and keeps going until the rains start. It is more a bush than a tree, and easliy maintained.
So, there. Mystery solved. Many thanks.

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