Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mad March

Hi there,
madness in March or troppo or cabin fever; well it does happen ,when one experiences days of rain, heavy or heavier, and nights of torrential down pours; when most furniture becomes sticky with the high humidity and the ground is squeechy when one walks to the generator shed in one's 'Crocs' sandals. And then when you think there is no end to it, you wake up to a crystal clear morning sky, crisp air and birds chorus and take the cup of coffee to the beach to see the perfect sunrise. Then all is well with the world and you know why you are here.
Looks as we are a bit cooler already, the worst of the wet season is over and Cow Bay Homestay is ready for a new coat of paint after the renovations by Brian.
Got to run, paint is waiting!!!!!! Call in to check it out, but call first in case we are at the beach.....Marion

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there_will_be_side_affects said...

I really like this 'blog news' it is a lovely way to keep in touch with people and gives an insight into your lives at Cow Bay.