Friday, February 25, 2011

The Daintree RAIN Forest

Good afternoon,
last night I wrote down some points to write in this blog: all about RAIN !!!!!
It rains, there are buckets of rain , big buckets, making a pelting noise on the roof. Can't talk,can't  listen to radio or watch TV. Sitting on the veranda I see glistening strings of water falling off the roof; one hour later it eases for 30 seconds; can it go any heavier? and then it does. Frog and insect noises are very sharp in between the noise of the downpour. Going to turn off the generator with the big umbrella and torch, the ground is flooded, small streams where garden paths are; the creek will be up, it came up to the first step yesterday. We had ca 170mm of rain yesterday, not that much by comparison, but enough. The ground is saturated. During the breaks all the water drains away, making everything look swept clean.
Planted some bamboo 3 days ago, this is perfect weather for it to settle in.
The most recent guest here at Cow Bay Homestay B&B had 4 days of perfect weather. It changes that quickly.
Plan to go to the beach later on, with the umbrella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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