Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1.March 2012

Good afternoon,
finally some rain and the creek is rushing in the background inviting fitter swimmers than myself to keep up in the current; still good fun to go in and cool off though, and there are more pools now than before. Always changing.
Guests in February enjoyed good weather and extended kayak trips with plenty of turtles to admire.
Here in Daintree, in Cow Bay and Cape Tribulation   we are busy preparing for our season later in the year with workshops and other tourism activities, encouring visitors to stay and discover this fantastic part of Far North Queensland--Australia--
The pagoda plants bring great red colour dots into the green background--garden-- and attract Cairns Birdwing butterflies, not as many as last year, but back to their usual size.
Right now: sunshine, blue sky, a plan to go to the beach, what will we cook tonight? Just bought the Womans Weekly pressure cooker book, fantastic out waistline...
Have a great day and enjoy.

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