Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter 2013

Hi everyone,
 well after freezing a lot in Germany, I was very pleased to be back home in Far North Queensland just before Easter. After a  'quick' tidy up and new paint job, Brian was busy renovating one last bit in the B&B, and it looks great too; and then we had new guests. Brave souls they were, as it was very wet that weekend but they enjoyed there massages at the local spa ' up the road'. Easter however turned out to be just fantastic, with pleanty of sunshine a little breeze and even cooler nights.
Now 2. April I wonder, is this already is the beginning of our winter?
Recent guests discovered a new way to enjoy durian fruit. You know this very smelly, pungent, divine fruit with great spikes and loved or hated with passion. This lady immediately used it a spread and found it very tasty; she said, that it reminded her of avocado, which she eats like this.
Try it out.

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