Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mangosteen: a First in this B&B

 before I leave it too late:
 Our one and only Mangosteen tree had some flowers this year and then made lots of fruit. This is nothing brand new but took 17 years for this tree. This year was a very good year for mangosteens here in the far north and I stopped counting after 60 fruits. I should have gone on though. I think in the end we had over 130 mangosteens to enjoy. They don't ripen all at once; so I checked the tree everyday. 10 fruits one day; 4 the next ;15 after that. This is nice in a way, as one does not get totally overwhelmed by it. They don't
 freeze too well, so I was busy eating lots, giving some away and sharing with visitors.They don't last that long and become rock-hard after 14 days or longer. But they taste absolutely divine. Yum..mmmmmmmmm
Our guests certainly liked to eat them and we just ate LOTS.
PS the pink grapefruit were also very good

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