Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cleaning with HaRa

Alright !!!
We all do it: cleaning the house!
No one really loves it, but I can stand only so much.... then of course with a B&B to run, I clean a lot more often than usual; guests have certain expectations.
I live here now for nearly 16 years. The wet season = summer is not the same each year, meaning some years there is mould everywhere and I have felt very overwhelmed having to clean walls, ceilings. doors furniture practically every week- I mean: REALLY ??? Then everyone has their special tip:
eucalyptus oil =  monster headache in 5 minutes and no win;
clove oil= little more pleasant but no win; chlorine, bleach, vinegar etc.
I even had a trial on all our timber chairs for a week so see which one grew mould first.... that  should have been a warning for something...
Fortunately this sort of weather is not happening all year around or every year, and a good thing too.
Finally a friend of our  German family came visiting and then posted me a HaRa starting kit.
WOW- how kind was that. I was not really convinced of course, that would have been far too easy-right ! So I diligently kept cleaning but using the HaRa kit; detergent, cloth, polishing cloth and so forth. And there were moments after 2 - 3 months, where I checked the doors, because I had not cleaned them for a while- had I forgotten, they didn't look bad- and they weren't ! I didn't have to clean them; now that was a great outcome. And so on it goes. Even now, middle of a wet season guests arriving this week, I walk around to check book shelves, surface etc. and there is little to do. I am not using any chemicals, the job is done quickly and I clean less and less. Loving this product.
And I just received this little logo to use from HARa


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