Tuesday, November 14, 2006

November News

November is here and would you know it, summer arrived nearly on the first day of this month. What does this mean some of you may think. It turned warm practically overnight. That is the tropics for you. So, the blankets are stored away, the sarongs are out, the fans cleaned and the wet+ sweaty season is here. Also, all the animals are more active, the insects are really busy making big noises day and night and the air is warm. We even had a good rain on Saturday morning, but the rains are still far off.Going to the beach the other day was just wonderful, the water is crystal clear, the fringng reefs are standing our clearly and it is post card weather. On Cow Bay Beach you can still swim and the trees there give great shade all day. Perfect.Walking south from 2. beach, it is very obvious how the rainforest meets the reef, Alexandra Range practically falls onto the fringing reefs off Cow Bay Beach. Some of the rainforest trees are flowering now, the air is filled with sweet scents, intoxicating. So, come for a visit and check out the tropics in summer. Marion