Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Daintree Digital Detox !

great PR campaign going on right now!
Check it out:

Friday, September 01, 2017

September already !

And Hello!
Yes we are already in September! From now the weather is going to be really good! Facebook is probably more up to date than this blog right now....
We have been busy and also received great reviews on trip advisor and and lots more in our guest book here in the B&B. It makes it all worth while, when guests are really impressed with this area and our accommodation!
Day off today, catching up on payments and book work and planning to tidy up one corner on the garden.
The photo below is of the table clothes used in the B&B. I love being able to use them all, so they are not forgotten. A lot of were made by my mother-over 50 years ago.

New Daintree video

Hello there!
Our tourism association has worked hard to produce this.
Check it out and make a comment!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter 2017

Good day!
Hoping everyone had a great Easter this year.
Our visitors started on Sund and the B&B is busy all this week.
It is still 'slow' season her ein the tropics but our garden is super busy. I am chasing weeds everywhere. It is very pleasant now to do some work outside. It is great to look at another section in the garden, which looks a little more 'tamed' than before. There are still some great flowers around and the white ginger, one of my favourites is doing well right now.
Well, as always: any booking please email or phone me direct or use the online site on our webpage.
Best wishes from Marion und Cow Bay!

From one blog to another

Hello there,
 we had this blogger visiting in December and this is the very great blog this lady has written  about our Cow Bay Homestay B&B.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Checking emails early today, guests just left to go to airport and then back home...
What a review:
please copy and pst in case the link does high light.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Plants we grow

Hi all!
While redoing our property sketch last week, I thought about adding a list of all the plants we grow here. Well, the list is too long to fit. So here it is:
---in no particular order---

 Dancing Lady orchids, Cooktown lilies, some bromeliads, ferns, 4 + ground covers, Tamarind Tree, Jaboticaba Cherries, Papaya, Sugar Bananas, West Indian and Tahitian Lime, 3 + other citrus, Lychee, Mangosteen, Passion Fruit, Chilies, Chives, Curry leaf, Cat Whiskers, Cat Tails, Happy plant, Pandas,5+ Hibiscus, Jasmine, Gardenia, 15+ flowering Gingers, also White Linen, and Haliconias, Pagoda, Orange Shrimp Plant, Costas, Frangipani + one evergreen, Bangkok Rose, Cord lines, Crotons, Fox Tail Palm, Black Palm, Fishtail-, Alexandra- and Fan Palm, Sun Jewels, Darwin Hibiscus, Chinese jade bush, Monsteria, Mangos, vines, and match box, Rose of Sharon, Pony Tail.
 There are some more and then there are all the Rain Forest plants all around us.

  Right now it is pouring down rain. This is probably the 8th shower this morning. Short and heavy, cicadas are on full volume. It becomes really dark quite quickly, the noise of the rain comes already through the trees and then woooosh ! Easing off a little now. It will then stop, drip for 10 minutes and then maybe clear a little. Then there will be the next shower. It is really nice, sort of, and does not happen all the time either.. Sorry, this shower just intensified: straight down, strings of rain. Right: TV just came on again, and yes it is clearing now. A very spicy smell is in the air- I have never identified this, but it is very characteristic for the tropics.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Business Seminar this week

Good morning!
I went to a business seminar this week and the owner of Sweet Farm spoke about their farm, tours, history and future plans. I think it would be a great tour to do:

And then there is this: Enjoy!!!

That is all the good news for one day!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 2017 !

Happy New Year, and let's get into it!

Great guests stayed with us form one year into the next! And we enjoyed some more bookings after that. Right now the rain has sort of started, but nothing what other local areas have had. However the creek is running nicely and I did some ' tidy' up there yesterday and have to cut an overhanging vine out today, in case things want to get tangled up in the next flood and cause a problem. Good work this: ankle deep in cool flowing water. The garden looks really good now, variety of different flowers give nice splashes of colours. For any visitor to the area now, please check opening times for tours and restaurants; some close for maintenance, others just go on holidays as this is our (s)low time of the year. Cow Bay Homestay B&B  is open throughout; phone me for special deals and come to visit the Wet Tropics in the Wet Season!
The photos is of a match box vine, right next to our back deck: the round cases were used to store matches. It will take some time before it is mature and dries and can be used. It is a little more than 1 meter long.