Friday, November 20, 2015

nice rain !!!

Right ! November is nearly over. Looking at our drizzle of a creek today and I am very happy with the current downpour. Little too heavy as the ground is very dry, but good penetration down to the rainforest floor. I bet everyone loves it. Not so busy this November even though the weather is very pleasant- ' balmy ' the latest guests called it. Time to work on some yearly jobs and others.
We finally have 'obtuse' glass louvres  in the little bathroom window. Some people do have reservations with clear glass louvres even though no one really can look in. Then we cleaned the outside of the B&B ready for another coat of timber protection. And did the same on our house, but that doesn't need painting. Hooraay.
Some pictures of our boy cats and some other bits. Enjoy !
...and we had 25 mm in 45 minutes or so