Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hot Paint

Hi there,
 right it is done!!!!!!!
 I painted the guest rooms a couple of week ago, that was not too bad. Then..... the rest of the house was on the paint agenda. Anyone who has been here, probably understands the task a bit better. We do have a very long veranda and very high ceilings, all to do with that precious airflow and the views into the forest, we love so much. Anyway, this needed painting. I had given it all good clean, thanks to HaRa enviro and efficient cleaning, this is not too bad and best of all it lasts. But furniture has to be moved, necks become stiff, paint was rotten, yes, never had this before, it's not a good thing to happen, when the next paint shop is  2 hours away in Cairns but then they are open on Sundays. The walls and ceilings become too hot to paint in  the middle of the day, so one has to time it, and so on,,,,,,But today I finished the last bit, the really high ceiling over the dining room table and I can share this....I am very glad it is done!!!! Hoorray.Probably puts some of the spiders and geckos out of circulation for a while, no, no, no, I didn't kill them, but they like their own smell better than fresh paint.... Ah yes, and while I was at it, the office and kitchen got a new coat of paint just the same.
Just pumped some water, watered the sorry looking vegie garden, we haven't had much rain here for a number of weeks, adn now it is shower time. Tomorrow we are off to Cairns for the Christmas shopping adventure. How many eskies do we need to take????? Hopefully not everyone else has the same idea.
And then next week is Christmas !!!!
Wishing all of you a great festive season, find all your presents, enjoy them all, the good food, the good times, the cheers and the time off, and get ready for a fantastic New Year in 2013.
Catch you then, stay always happy, healthy and cheerful.
And Good luck to the special friend, who is in the Sydney to Hobart Regatta on Boxing Day.