Sunday, December 29, 2013

30 December 2013

 nearly the end of this year, looking forward to 2014 and more good experiences here in FNQ of Australia and the beautiful area we live in.
Here are some pages from a wonderful photo album special people made for us as a Christmas present. We think it does capture our place perfectly. Thank you to D&K

It looks much better than these photos do.
Christmas is gone, with lovely visitors and guests, lots of presents and yummy food and drinks, even some non alcoholic..... Perfect weather even though on the day it rained so we didn't 'do' the usual thing on the beach. Good for a long walk along the beach though for some.
More perfect weather since and after listening to guests raving about their reef trip with our locally run boat yesterday I have booked in for tomorrow !!!! Yes,...3km/h wind, it should be flat as and great visibility. Just air out the stinger suit, so I don't have to use all that sunscreen and off I go......
For today there is lots of washing and some mowing on the list. Not bad, yes??!!!!!
Wishing everyone a great time on New Year Eve so 2014 is properly started and hopefully bring great times and prosperity.