Thursday, August 29, 2013

A little later

 yes what is going on here since June.
One Cow Bay Homestay B&B is now on face book. www.facebook/cowbayhomestay check it out and even click on like.....
This it not the reason I haven't 'blogged' anything since June though. We are just busy, how good is this. Lovely visitors from all over Australia and the world, even Hawaii and Guam. Everyone is busy with all the locally guided tours and reef trips, or just wandering on the boardwalks, or even just chilling out on the beaches. Plenty of birds right now, rainbow lorikeets are chattering away up in the top of the trees, and we have had a white breasted sea eagle calling in nearly every afternoon. Just the other day big upset, when 5 cockatoos were chasing !!!! a goanna down a tree. That was something.
The bauhinia tree flowered really well and attracted plenty of Cairns birdwing butterflies. Now the Ulysses are busy and as always orange footed jungle fowls; when do they ever sleep? We had a great full moon last months and big tides to go with it. Brian is busy finishing off the Garden House, which is now nearly cladded on all sides, looking really nice. Well, and I had better finish my jobs for the morning. See ya