Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nearly November

Good Morning to all the readers!
  Well. we have a lovely Sunday morning here in Cow Bay today: it is cool, sunny and breezy. My plan is to finish the mowing today. We do have a bit of a bigger lawn than the usual house and I like to collect the clippings for mulch, that is my excuse not buying a ride- on- mower. But it takes time. Cow Bay Homestay B&B has been busy again with lovely and interesting guests, who all seem to have liked their stay with us and the Daintree experience. There have been very VERY rainy days during the last 3 months, but right now we have great weather and I will go to the beach today! In the last blog entry I was expecting vegetables crops; cucumbers were good, but the tomatoes do ---nothing much. Is it too wet, not sunny enough? Maybe the seeds were no good. Hm.On the other hand the basil bushes are rather frightening in their growth...
With the sunny weather we also see more lace monitors or goannas and a skink has taken up residence under the big tree at the front steps, making quiet a bit of noise in the dry leaf litter. As usual the air is full of bird and insect noises ans it is very relaxing just listening to it all.
Got to do the jobs though...
A great to everyone reading this.