Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our Driveway- please enter!

 recently guests became scared about our driveway.
When you arrive the first time, it is a little unusual already to have driven all the way from Cairns, to take the Daintree River Ferry and then to experience for the first time this magnificent part of FNQ = Far North Queensland.
Lush forest, enormous trees, vines everywhere.
From the turn off in Cow Bay, Buchanan Creek Road, it takes ca 5 km to Wattle Close on the right Drive into Wattle Close, 2 minutes, and our sign, " Cow Bay Homestay B&B " is on the left. You will see that you can go into the driveway behind the sign.
First gear, take it easy, follow the path/driveway and over the bridge, yes!,  and then up the other side. Now that wasn't so bad, right !!! Most cars are front-wheel-drive, and this driveway is just what they are very good at.
Beep the car horn, please.
A lot of the new hire cars are so quiet, that I can't hear your arrival even just in the backyard,...I do use the waiting for a spot of gardening...
So, there.
Shall I make a cup of coffee or tea for you, or a glass of our fantastic water? Then I'll tell you a little what you can do while visiting us here in the Daintree rainforest.
Have a great day. Marion

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Milestone at the Daintree River Ferry

 from today you can use your credit/debit card at the ferry!!! Prior you had to have cash money, which in the year 2014 is not always in everyone's wallet.
Great change for this area.