Friday, January 28, 2011

Queensland on You Tube

Good afternoon,
 here is a treat
This is one very action packed link with great shots and all on Queensland.
Make sure you look at the Far North Queensland videos, either to confirm that your booking here at Cow Bay Homestay B&B is a great choice or to have a little holiday at your desk.
Just keep in mind, the real thing is far better.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy 2011

Happy New Year to all readers!
 Here at Cow Bay Homestay B&B we were a bit busy, hot and merry over November and December and had lots of rain and sunshine. We enjoyed guests from different corners of the country and the world.
Most importantly we didn't get flooded like lots of areas of South Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and even Tasmania. We do have a lot of rather heavy storms this year with bif lightning and thunders and heavy rain, but the country here can handle the amounts without flooding.
Big local news is the upgrade of Cooper Creek causeway, which took some time to complete as we had lots of rain during the last winter; but now everyone can safely drive north to Cape Tribulation in any 'normal' car. This is really a big improvement to travellers and locals. Our Daintree Marketing Cooperative is planning a big 'Causeway Opening Party' this year; to join the party: stay tuned to this Blog or check the website
We had the photographer in and you can have a sneak look at the new photos for the website.
Well...........stay dry, warm and happy and enjoy what ever you are doing.