Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tips === online bookings

 for your online booking the best you can do is book direct on my website. This will give you direct, up to date availability and full benefit of our follow up confirmation and info sheet, we have prepared for you. There are now numerous sites who compete and rather stymie the small B&B's, plus we have no contacts for guests to advice them of any particular info to assist with their arrival and visit here.
Just a tip.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fresh local Durian for breakfast !!!

 our local Durian growers are happy that flowers are on the trees, meaning we should be able to have fresh Cow Bay Durian for breakfast during February/.March . Durian, the King of the tropical fruits is fairly unusual in shape and taste. People all over Asia love this fruit. Well: you know the 'drill' online bookings are on the website.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Spring time now

Hi, yes well it didn't take long and the next thing we knew,: Spring and the weather to go with it..meaning just beautiful. Still a little cool but no jumpers until later in the evening and the Happy Plants are flowering so think it nearly knocks you over, very sweet scent, a little like jasmine or Elder==Flieder== for the Germans. I love it. The lowers come out at night time, and close during the day, so the evenings are very tropical.

Then we had a little visitor the other day.

I had just cut the flower and he popped in during the evening.

For anyone who knows our Garden House, things are a changing again,now Brian does the outside cladding and has to start from scratch on some of the walls. This was the ' look ' for several days:

Yes, right we are busy and making progress, which is great.
                      Now, you all have a fantastic day.

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