Thursday, June 05, 2014

Cassowary close ups

Good morning there,
 well, we have a number of Cassowaries doing the rounds on the garden of Cow Bay Homestay B&B and being pretty cheeky about it too. Yesterday I was given passionfruit by a neighbour, which then disappeared from a box I had put them on before taking them into the kitchen. Then early this morning a Cassowary was right next to this box, checking if more were placed there? We do have the feeling, this one is being fed by someone in the area, and I wish they wouldn't do this. Meanwhile I am trying to keep count of papayas and passionfruit on vines, but so far I am loosing out. One of the guest sprinted across the lawn this morning trying to take a photo of a Cassowary and just managed. They are a bit shy, which is good, but then also just 'pop' up out of nowhere.