Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Green Guest!!!!!

 wow what fabulous weather we have had over Easter. Cow Bay Beach was practically crowded. A bit of a shock to us locals to see so many people at once....
Here is a new guest at Cow Bay Homestay B&B:

a white lipped green tree frog.
He appeared yesterday under the breakfast table. he seems to be there all day and guests spotted him going out last  night. Back this morning.
We also see a pair of Cassowaries in the afternoon strolling through the garden. The big female may be Brian's 'friend' from last year.
Butterflies are still everywhere and busy.

To the weather:
it is perfect: sunny- windy- dry- pleasant all have a fantastic day

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Surprise

Hi and Happy Easter to all!!!.
 here in the Daintree we had a big surprise: no fees on the Daintree River Ferry until 2.May YEah!!!!!
This may bring lots more day trippers over the river from Cainrs and surrounding areas and we'll see how busy our roads will be.
For us here at the B&B it won't make such a difference, as our guests  have booked before they get into the area.
Lovely guests we have had last week who all had the best weather, sometimes I think our B&B guests do provide is with a break, even during this WET wet season, whenever we had guests the weather actually was good. So, thank you!!
Apparently the reef is fantastic right now, with good visibilty and 4 different typs of turtles being spotted. How good is that?
Cairns Birdwing butterflies are the hit this season. They quiet often have one female with a following of up to six males making the rounds of the pagoda plants and bangkok roses. Is that called a 'flock' of butterflies then??They seem a bit smaller this year, but they make up in numbers.
Right now the pool in our creek flows just enough so one can swim on the spot for hours. It is really good fun, and I do practice my breast stroke.
And how are all the sightings of Cassowaries recently? We had two big birds strolling around next to the Garden House 2 weeks ago. Impressive!!!
Right...things to do and a Sunday to enjoy.
Thinking about my time in Germay last year. We had a great party in Brackel with friends and family and an Easter egg hunt in the garden. Remember, Maria?
Have a wonderful Easter