Monday, October 24, 2016

Really !!!

 right and we are nearly in making some plans for Christmas. My dream is to go to a good restaurant one year = no shopping, cooking, washing up ! But as someone pointed out to me---no left overs ! That is going to be a hard decision.
Meanwhile back in the B&B: some rain last night, which was very welcome. Lovely guest every day and a visit to Mareeba is planned to catch up with friend and formerly also our neighbours.
I went to Brisbane last week for an Andre Rieu concert. That was a lot of travelling for 2 hours of great music. It was all very exciting, hectic and everything worked out perfectly. However I was glad driving back home with 3 cars on the road instead of 3000.....
Nearly done  in the B&B this morning. Over to a neighbor for a chat and maybe one of their great coffees. I finally started a painting, which is in my head for the last 3 years or so: sugar cane. Started it 2 days ago...just like that.....hopefully it will be good enough to hang on a wall.
And here is the new setting for our B&B  deck.