Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Experience Christmas on Cow Bay Beach !!!!
You are welcome to book your Christmas this year in the Daintree Rainforest here at Cow Bay Homestay B&B.
 Arrival should be latest on 24. December as the ferry has very limited operating hours on 25. December.Most restaurants and venues are closed for the Christmas Day.
 We start the day with a nice breakfast and then pack up to go to Cow Bay Beach to spend the day lazily in the shade of the trees. Usually we have something with duck, last year it was chinese style duck pancakes; Brian is planning on prawn satays this year, instead of his freshly cooked prawns, and then we will see what else we can have: cheeses, tropical fruits,salads, a mocktail, champagne and .....nuts, fruits, ....
Our guests are welcome to join us of course and just have to arrange for their drinks.When you book your Christmas here, please let us know about food requirements.
 Usually one restaurant is open for traditional  Christmas Lunch,  and then the normal menu at night time.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunbirds are gone

HI All,
 we have been watching the building of the nest since June and that took some time. The birds did dissappear for a couple of days, and I thought they may have gone elsewhere, but returned to breed and sitting on eggs and feeding chicks, and the are gone. Always without any great announcement, I just noticed not having seen them.
Maybe this year we get lucky and they have a 2. sitting so to speak. With the nest being right on the deck, it is amusing to watch them all day long.
This is how the sun birds started with the nest building, we usually have these ropes to hang banana bunches to ripen
And they nearly done or getting in and out during nesting.

Enjoy your day, Marion