Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Was der Reisefuehrer nicht erwaehnt

 die Preise in den Restaurants in Australien sind sehr gehoben. Das Essen und Service ist gut allerdings ist es generell um$ 100.00 fuer 2 Personen. Eine gute Alternative ist das Mittagessen in allen Hotels=Pubs. Dort gibt es 'Counterlunch' oder 'Countertea'. Dies bekommt man in der Bar, also ueber die Theke=counter. Jeden Tag frisch gekocht und generell um die $ 10.00.
Alle Clubs : RSL, League, Sports Clubs sind zum Mittag und Abendessen geoeffnet. Man muss kein Mitglied sein, muss sich nur als Besucher einschreiben. Diese Clubs haben Personal am Eingang , die gerne helfen werden. Probieren Sie es aus. Es ist immer gut und man bekommt ein guten Einblick in ein Teil des Australischen Lebens.
Viel Spass und guten Appetit. Marion

" Zane" the last cyclone for this season

HI, no reason to be worried about ' Zane ' in this area; even the watch is cancelled for Cape Tribulation.
We have had a little rain, gusty winds and overcast , nice and cool actually.
Good weather for gardening and for visitors to do the walks in comfort.
Come and do it yourself !!!.
and have a great day now.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

This is Good

HI all,
 check out this new tour; not for everyone, you have to be experienced in kayaking and love fishing and all. But it is a great way to explore the reef, see wild life and be active. Great day trip and you will be excited about it. Do click the you tube clip
Of course pick up from Cow Bay Homestay B&B and you can even book it on our website...soon
Let me knnow, if you like it.
Have a great day

Monday, April 08, 2013

April Update

HI there,
 just a quick posting of a unique photo take up here in the Far North of the Tropical Daintree Rainforest last Saturday. Who thought we would all be in one shoot together!!! Yes it can be done, thanks to enthusiastic people. Fantastic. You all go and have a great day now. I will be painting our pantry, that will be good as well. Marion


Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter 2013

Hi everyone,
 well after freezing a lot in Germany, I was very pleased to be back home in Far North Queensland just before Easter. After a  'quick' tidy up and new paint job, Brian was busy renovating one last bit in the B&B, and it looks great too; and then we had new guests. Brave souls they were, as it was very wet that weekend but they enjoyed there massages at the local spa ' up the road'. Easter however turned out to be just fantastic, with pleanty of sunshine a little breeze and even cooler nights.
Now 2. April I wonder, is this already is the beginning of our winter?
Recent guests discovered a new way to enjoy durian fruit. You know this very smelly, pungent, divine fruit with great spikes and loved or hated with passion. This lady immediately used it a spread and found it very tasty; she said, that it reminded her of avocado, which she eats like this.
Try it out.