Saturday, December 26, 2009

more visitors

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year for 2010!
We had more visits from the Cassowary and his chick, -here he walks across the front path of the house-much to the delight of our B&B guests and ours as well. The mangoes are nearly finished and we probably won't see him then for a while. We also had an inflight accident by a beautiful white tailed kingfisher. Birds can crash into our high windows,-a good reason not to clean them too well-, that is when Marion springs into action with Bachs rescue remedy and the birds, which are stunned and groggy respond very well to this. This little fellow took a bit more time, enough to have a photo taken. Then he took off into the forrest again.
 I wish everyone a great new year, where all the dreams and wishes come

Best wishes from Marion

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cow Bay Cassowary and chick


 well, with all the mangoes we had off our old trees at the creek bank this year,we found ourselves close up and personal with a cassowary and his chick for most of this week. He arrives midmorning, always very sudden and feeds on mangos, which have fallen in the last 24 hours, with the little chick, stripes and all ,running around him. When we don't watch him he is very relaxed, but seems to notice 4 humans staring at him in amazement. The photos are courtesy of Daniel and his lovely wife Jeannie stayed at the B&B and Daniel took the photos. What thrill for all of us.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Bridge


yes!!!!!!!!!! it finally all happened, and on the 30th of October the last lot of concrete was poured to finish the bridge repair.We will be able to listen to rain now without worry and even though we have repaired it, it is a lot more solid than the old bridge, which was 20 years old and had mainly dirt and tree trunks in it. All we need now is some heavy rain to clean it all up and refresh the pools. Can't wait. The Mango trees along the creek have a great lot of Mangoes on it, which we collect, but a drop from 40 meters is a bit hard on the ripe fruit. Durian is the other fruit we are eating a lot of now, thanks to donations from 2 friends in the area. And Mangosteen our other favourite is just perfect this year. The fruit salads are just heaven right now. We finally had a bit of rain and 'schwuppdiwupp'.. all the brown lawn and tired plants are back! It is very beautiful right now and still not too humid.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Hi to Spring!!
Yes, here we are in Cow Bay with more glorious weather, the best winter weather we have had here for years. With lots of great, interesting and fantastic guests during August, who all had perfect conditions to enjoy their numerous activities. Sitting in my lovely office listening to the birds chortling away outside, I had better get out there and enjoy it myself. So, any one reading this,who still has any doubts about coming to the Daintree Coast? just get your booking in, bags packed and get here! It is just perfect. Happy Spring to you all. Marion

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nearly there

Hi everyone reading these stories from Cow Bay!
Nearly there, I think, nearly where????? Nearly at Christmas, I know !!! it is early but it seems nearly there. The repairs of our bridge are not done yet either, but we are nearly there!!. Guests are arriving next week and I am nearly there to welcome them. Meanwhile we have to driest June and July in years, and it is just picture book stuff out there in the Daintree Rainforest and on the Great Barrier Reef ...THERE!!! So, if you are on the way here, you MUST be nearly there!!!
Just in a jolly mood, and who wouldn't be looking out of my office window.
Have a great day......Marion

Sunday, May 10, 2009

May Rain

Nearly half way through May, which means the wet season is finished, and now it doesn't stop raining. However, the wish for cooler weather has been granted and now we are in the woolen socks and cardigan time of the year. Hm, very cozy!! Good news: the middle section of the house has been sanded and recoated and looks fabulous. I love the colour and marking of the Turpentine Pine floors. Beautiful. Work is progressing in other area except the bridge.
Don't get me started, maddening business for a B&B.
Well, we can only hope that the repairs are done sooooooonest, and make more phone calls....
Until next time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cow Bay --The Name

G'day !!
Right we are in April and seeing the weather is always topical, we did have cool days and nights before Easter, and since then it is very HOT and HUMID, and we are all waiting for the cooler days to come.
In the Mossman library the other day, looking for suitable books to read in the heat of the day,I came across a reference book, " Behind the name" by John Walters, 3/ 2006.
Mr Walters has researched numerous place names of the region and put it together very clearly and concise. On page 14, I found Cow Bay:
" Cow Bay is so named because William ( Bill) Smith, ( incididentally after whom Smithfield was named), pastured some cattle near there, whilst he was a Hotelkeeper and Packer in Cooktown around 1874. His cattle were known to wander down to the Bay and were often spotted by passing Mariners, who gave the area its unusual name."

Friday, February 20, 2009

March ? 2009

Good Day!
i wish it is March!!!! Not long to go, and hopefully the sweaty/ wet season is over. As much as the vibrancy of a good wet is just amazing, it is also quiet enough sweating by now!!
And what a wet we have had! 4 weeks ago it rained rather hard, long and heavy and the result was a big wash out on our bridge, which is the only access to the property. Scary!! The creek actually rose so high that it went over the bridge and the force of all that water washed nearly 1 meter of the bridge surface away and exposed the pipe underneath considerably. We can still drive over it though, after some work to holes etc. However the repair has to be done and hopefully soon. We were not the only people having flood damage after that night. Fortunately we did not have any more heavy rains after that night, however aeas south and west of us had lots of rain and much more flood damage for extended periods. Meanwhile the south of Australia, Victoria and New South Wales had devastating bush fires going on at the same time. This continent can be very extreme.
Now we are hoping for a drop in humidity and an increase in human activity as a result. All that rain, sun and heat make for a great recipe for explosive plant growth, in particular to lawns and weeds. I think some of the weeds grow more than 300mm in 2 weeks. Impressive.
Right. I had better get a plan of attack drawn up to get started on it or we will find ourselves in a wilderness of the kind we are not appreciating.
Hope all the readers will have a great 2009