Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rain, cyclones, discovery

Hi in January,
 well, we have had enough rainy days by now and more to come. Things are growing rapidly inside and outside , and I think everyone would like to see the sun again for a little while.
We had 2 cyclones so far, Neville and Olga, but fortunately both brought just a bit of wind and rain, nothing too scary.
I made a little discovery the other day, under the mango trees, while checking the water level in the new bridge, and found a Scarlet Vine. This is on a very skinny tree, which has just a little top of leaves and the vine spirals nicely with very fluffy flowers from the ground right into the top of the tree. Beautiful and very fragile.
I am busy planning my trip to Germany at the end of March, and hope the german broshure for this will be great, still at the printer right now. The news is that the Queen Room ( sleeps 2 ) is now ready online for bookings starting in June.
Scarlet Vine

Well that's it, best start the generator, there won't be much power coming from the soalr panels today.
Enjoy, what ever you are doing.