Sunday, November 17, 2013

Now in November

 wow time is flying... we must have had fun.
Here are a couple of photos

Now, this is a little historic:
These chairs are called 'sqatters chairs' and were usually home build, way back during the pioneer days, when furniture was not bought in shops, why ?: no shops yet! These chairs I bought maybe 30 years ago in a garage sale in Rockhampton and they were our pride and joy on the veranda there for years. They finally made their way to Cow Bay and I restored them  6 years ago. Most recently they were in front of the Garden House, as they are a little bulky. Well, the other day Brian sat in one and on getting up: the whole thing fell apart into all its bits, due to wood rott. It looked that somehow they were set out to be assembled, however the opposite was the case. The End!

Now this little guy sat in front of the sliding doors this morning obviously had hit the plexi glass and got himself stunned. I gave him a little rescue remedy and sat him on the cloth, where he seemed fine. Not flying off, I was worried that it may be a baby bird waiting for the parents to come to pick him up, but eventually he took off into the mandarin tree and then flew off later. The bird book says, it is a mistle toe bird, much to my surprise. Not that I know what they look like but I didn't know that they are so tiny, ca. 85mm. Cute as!!!
Half way through November now and it is a little warmer and tropical and we all wishing for some serious rain to flush the creeks out, which are very dry now. Hopefully this  will be soon, so we can go cooling off in all the waterholes afterwards.
Right,..... guest rooms to prepare, mangoes and papaya to freeze and busy keeping cool over noon.