Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Sign!!!!

Good afternoon!
 Before it becomes really busy here in the Daintree with visitors, I had better put up these photos.
Anneka was a great WWOOFer here and is heading back home to start a new fabulous job later in the year.
 Our new street sign was well overdue seeing the termites had nearly chewed up the old one. SO this what you see when you arrive here at Cow Bay Homestay B&B. I hope you like it!!

And the Cassowary plums next to the guest room on the west side of the huse, look like Eastereggs, or like someone had neatly arranged them on the lawn. There seem to be lot around this year, good for the Cassowaries. One can see them in numerous areas and also on our boundary walk. The boundary walk is ready for use again, after we cleared a lot of debris the other day, mainly mazes of wat a while and other vines. I took guests around the other day and it takes ca 20 minutes. It is a lovely way to walk through this ohterwise very dense rainforest.

Well, I hope you enjoyed  this.
Have a great day, and keep warm.

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