Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone and all the Best for 2012 !!!
 We are recovering from the festivities, it is Boxing Day here. Brian finally can watch the Boxing Day cricket match again, here at home, we switched TV satellites.....And India has already done 2 batsmen, meaning: a not so good start for the Australians./ but any thing can happen during a test match.
We had a great day on the beach here in Cow Bay. Very few people, calm, flat sea, a breeze,swimming,walking, some company and a very relaxed time . My idea of Christmas.
Now we'll see what is happening until New Years Day, when we are looking forward to guest arrivals.
Go to go, the hammock is ............
our spot ....

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Welcome to the Tropics !!!
.. there should be a sign for this, somewhere around here.......
It is so very tropical this month:
blue skies, white clouds, some big storms, little rain, good breeze, sometimes very gusty, all the plants are seemingly bursting with greens and then the flowers....!!
For the alst week there seems to be a different scent in the air every day
, this is during the day often more intense at night time.
 The air is warm,  to touch ???? and it feels very strong and powerful and happy.
Being here.
The Daintree is just so vibrant right nowwww !!!
The photo was taken from a guest in this area. ...leave only foot prints..

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hi, there,
 here I am writing away more or less often, always thinking who is reading this and is anyone.
Well, I just got to click on the stast of this blog courtesy of 'blogger', and there are quiet a number of people out there reading this,
 from all over the world.
This is great!!, Thanks and do write a comment everyone in a while.
Love to read that.
Happy reading.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Spring !!!!!

Hi there!!
 Have we been busy in the B&B?.. yes very !! And thank you to all the lovely guests from all over the world and of course Australia and good friends from Perth, who kept us busy during our season here in the Daintree. After I injured my thumb in July, Brian jumped in and helped with breakfast and making beds; I don't think it is his next career move, but I can defintely recommend him. We had fabulous WWOOfers as well and enjoyed their company and help: Hi to the girls in Melbourne !!!
Now for the fun part
Let me know what you think...
And have a fabulous day.
See ya...Marion

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Sign!!!!

Good afternoon!
 Before it becomes really busy here in the Daintree with visitors, I had better put up these photos.
Anneka was a great WWOOFer here and is heading back home to start a new fabulous job later in the year.
 Our new street sign was well overdue seeing the termites had nearly chewed up the old one. SO this what you see when you arrive here at Cow Bay Homestay B&B. I hope you like it!!

And the Cassowary plums next to the guest room on the west side of the huse, look like Eastereggs, or like someone had neatly arranged them on the lawn. There seem to be lot around this year, good for the Cassowaries. One can see them in numerous areas and also on our boundary walk. The boundary walk is ready for use again, after we cleared a lot of debris the other day, mainly mazes of wat a while and other vines. I took guests around the other day and it takes ca 20 minutes. It is a lovely way to walk through this ohterwise very dense rainforest.

Well, I hope you enjoyed  this.
Have a great day, and keep warm.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

COLD nights --- Fabulous days

Good Day!
 Well... it is COLD at night, very cold, freezing, unbelievably cool, --we are talking 10 degree and below!!--and I am pleased to discover that I do have a good selection of socks. Certainly all come handy this winter. For several weeks now, we have had very cold nights, where one needs to wear more than one jumper.
The days however are staunningly beautiful. Clear and sunny.
We have lovely guests, fantastic WWOOFers and today we will have a BBQ at the beach, I am looking forward to that.
The gardens are nearly all pruned back and mulched, and our new street sign will be put up tomorrow. So stand by for the photo!!!!
There are still some spots in the B&B calendar open for bookings, so get online and book your flight, and see the delightful Daintree for yourself.
Visitors in the driveway, Have to go!!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Magic May

 May is here, the weater has been fantastically magic, cool, sun,wind, stars and the doonas are aired and fluffed up on the beds.  We are painting the laundry before the new floor covering is installed and Brian does the veranda deck. Today a little drizzle of rain but still low humidity, so paint dries nicely.
Mothers day today and someone' birthday yesterday, and lots of lovely greetings to everyone reading this blog from Cow Bay Homestay B&Bright in the Daintree Rainforest and up the road from the Great Barrier Reef.
This is the place to be; come to see for yourself.
Next week is the big official openeing of Cooper Creek Crossing
this is the link to its face book page, check out all the outrages photos

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Green Guest!!!!!

 wow what fabulous weather we have had over Easter. Cow Bay Beach was practically crowded. A bit of a shock to us locals to see so many people at once....
Here is a new guest at Cow Bay Homestay B&B:

a white lipped green tree frog.
He appeared yesterday under the breakfast table. he seems to be there all day and guests spotted him going out last  night. Back this morning.
We also see a pair of Cassowaries in the afternoon strolling through the garden. The big female may be Brian's 'friend' from last year.
Butterflies are still everywhere and busy.

To the weather:
it is perfect: sunny- windy- dry- pleasant all have a fantastic day

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Surprise

Hi and Happy Easter to all!!!.
 here in the Daintree we had a big surprise: no fees on the Daintree River Ferry until 2.May YEah!!!!!
This may bring lots more day trippers over the river from Cainrs and surrounding areas and we'll see how busy our roads will be.
For us here at the B&B it won't make such a difference, as our guests  have booked before they get into the area.
Lovely guests we have had last week who all had the best weather, sometimes I think our B&B guests do provide is with a break, even during this WET wet season, whenever we had guests the weather actually was good. So, thank you!!
Apparently the reef is fantastic right now, with good visibilty and 4 different typs of turtles being spotted. How good is that?
Cairns Birdwing butterflies are the hit this season. They quiet often have one female with a following of up to six males making the rounds of the pagoda plants and bangkok roses. Is that called a 'flock' of butterflies then??They seem a bit smaller this year, but they make up in numbers.
Right now the pool in our creek flows just enough so one can swim on the spot for hours. It is really good fun, and I do practice my breast stroke.
And how are all the sightings of Cassowaries recently? We had two big birds strolling around next to the Garden House 2 weeks ago. Impressive!!!
Right...things to do and a Sunday to enjoy.
Thinking about my time in Germay last year. We had a great party in Brackel with friends and family and an Easter egg hunt in the garden. Remember, Maria?
Have a wonderful Easter

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sun and Fun

Hello there.
 Sun-- blue sky --and a fun --watch this 'you tube' video

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Daintree RAIN Forest

Good afternoon,
last night I wrote down some points to write in this blog: all about RAIN !!!!!
It rains, there are buckets of rain , big buckets, making a pelting noise on the roof. Can't talk,can't  listen to radio or watch TV. Sitting on the veranda I see glistening strings of water falling off the roof; one hour later it eases for 30 seconds; can it go any heavier? and then it does. Frog and insect noises are very sharp in between the noise of the downpour. Going to turn off the generator with the big umbrella and torch, the ground is flooded, small streams where garden paths are; the creek will be up, it came up to the first step yesterday. We had ca 170mm of rain yesterday, not that much by comparison, but enough. The ground is saturated. During the breaks all the water drains away, making everything look swept clean.
Planted some bamboo 3 days ago, this is perfect weather for it to settle in.
The most recent guest here at Cow Bay Homestay B&B had 4 days of perfect weather. It changes that quickly.
Plan to go to the beach later on, with the umbrella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Cyclone Yasi

 after an anxious night, lots of preparation work 2 days before I am VERY HAPPY to report that Cairns and north to Daintree and Cape Tribualtion has been spared any damage from this very big Cyclone Yaris.
All our best wishes to all the areas affected, I hope you will stay safe and dry and receive lots of help cleaning up and rebuilding.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Queensland on You Tube

Good afternoon,
 here is a treat
This is one very action packed link with great shots and all on Queensland.
Make sure you look at the Far North Queensland videos, either to confirm that your booking here at Cow Bay Homestay B&B is a great choice or to have a little holiday at your desk.
Just keep in mind, the real thing is far better.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy 2011

Happy New Year to all readers!
 Here at Cow Bay Homestay B&B we were a bit busy, hot and merry over November and December and had lots of rain and sunshine. We enjoyed guests from different corners of the country and the world.
Most importantly we didn't get flooded like lots of areas of South Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and even Tasmania. We do have a lot of rather heavy storms this year with bif lightning and thunders and heavy rain, but the country here can handle the amounts without flooding.
Big local news is the upgrade of Cooper Creek causeway, which took some time to complete as we had lots of rain during the last winter; but now everyone can safely drive north to Cape Tribulation in any 'normal' car. This is really a big improvement to travellers and locals. Our Daintree Marketing Cooperative is planning a big 'Causeway Opening Party' this year; to join the party: stay tuned to this Blog or check the website
We had the photographer in and you can have a sneak look at the new photos for the website.
Well...........stay dry, warm and happy and enjoy what ever you are doing.