Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Epic Solar Elipse

 wow, what an experience.
After lots of wind, weather, sudden rain showers and general worry that it maybe dark for 2 minutes in-between tropical down pours, we had the best morning for a solar eclipse one can wish for.
Slow going on Cow Bay Beach, people only arrived shortly before the main event, well one had to be up early... but then it all happened. Equipped with solar viewers, we saw the shadow of the moon slowly covering the sun from top left  and then is became totally dark and then the corona came into view and even the famous diamond ring effect. Amazing. Very dark, ( I wish people wouldn't scream so much though),,simply amazing to see such a special nature event. I am still sort of overwhelmed with it all. That I saw this, here, in Cow Bay. Fabulous. Our guests were very happy with their viewing, being the 3. eclipse they had seen and this one the best, in their opinion. Brian experienced it at home, not seeing the eclipse as such, but the changes in the forest, birds going back into the trees, very much darker than on the beach, and the Boy Cat slinking around making unhappy noises.
Sun rises 14 November 2012

Full solar eclipse at Cow Bay this morning.
How is that....


Thursday, November 08, 2012

Eclipse viewing on a boat

 last minute news:
A friend of ours is offering a charter for the Eclipse happening up here on Wed.14 November 12
From Port Douglas
$ 400/pers
minimum 23 bookings
departure 4.30 am on anchor 5.30 am
return    8.30 am
breakfast included

The idea is that one will have a clearer view from out to sea.
Hopefully everyone who is making the effort to get up that early will have a great view of this eclipse seeing the last one was in 700 somethin...AD. in this area.

Well, I will be on Cow Bay Beach, and the next blog will report on the event.
Have a great day now.