Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Bridge


yes!!!!!!!!!! it finally all happened, and on the 30th of October the last lot of concrete was poured to finish the bridge repair.We will be able to listen to rain now without worry and even though we have repaired it, it is a lot more solid than the old bridge, which was 20 years old and had mainly dirt and tree trunks in it. All we need now is some heavy rain to clean it all up and refresh the pools. Can't wait. The Mango trees along the creek have a great lot of Mangoes on it, which we collect, but a drop from 40 meters is a bit hard on the ripe fruit. Durian is the other fruit we are eating a lot of now, thanks to donations from 2 friends in the area. And Mangosteen our other favourite is just perfect this year. The fruit salads are just heaven right now. We finally had a bit of rain and 'schwuppdiwupp'.. all the brown lawn and tired plants are back! It is very beautiful right now and still not too humid.