Tuesday, September 04, 2012

a little warmer

Hi  Reader!!!!
Finally it is a little warmer. We had a fantastic cold winter, down to 10 C but always lovely 25 C and blue skies. 4 rainy days and guests during that time still wanted to stay longer.... I was impressed. We had our youngest guest in August, in the company of her family who made sure she was happy at all times. Too cute. Brian is busy building the new veranda on the Garden House. A lovely WWOOFer renovated our old silky oak side board, brought up all the way from our house in Rockhampton, and transformed something I really wanted to put on the dump into something beautiful, now sitting in the B&B in prime position.An old wardrobe, equally despised by me, is nearly done and seems to be hoop or kauri pine, stunning. We will use it for blankets. I am still a little breathless with the business of it all, but love it just the same. But I am rushing off again to do some office wrk, that is right behind.
Photos in the next blog??? YES
Take care. Marion