Friday, December 05, 2008

Hot Hot Hot


Yes, it is HOT HOT HOT!!!

But the creek is my retreat! Last week my friend and I cleaned some of the upstream pools of branches and leaves making it easier to sit on rock ledges with a cool drink and soak in clear pools with cold cold water. It bring the body temperature right down to the point of goose bumps-marvellous!!

We had a bit of wind the last two days and even rain and that brings a cool break.

Our guests are enjoying the hot steamy tropics, taking plenty of siestas and reading books and 'chilling' out.

The B&B is closed for Christmas and for any bookings just click on this link

Enjoy your December and Christmas break and celebrate the NEW YEAR!!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cow Bay Oktober News

Good Day!!
and here we are at the end of October and things are going well! The garden is booming away, the latest guests were able to sample Mulberries and Jaboticaba, picked minutes before breakfast!! We had good rains and didn't have to water much and vegetables and flowers are doing very well. Even the pagoda plants are in flower and I am waiting for the Cairns Birdwing Butterflies to come around and sample. The sunbirds are very busy building nests all over.
Brian has been on his much anticipated 8 day gamefishing trip. The boats went right north to the Papuan Passage and then made their way down along the outer reef back to Cow Bay. They had good weather, loads of laughs and even some fish to keep. It seem Christmas is not far away, and I will plan a big dinner this year, making full use of our brand new oven. Hm... bring out the recipe books! Got to run.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Spring in Cow Bay

Good Day!
As usual it takes all of one day to go from winter to spring. The woolen jumpers stay in the boxes, the sarongs are out and I even had my Cow Bay Srub. This involves going to Cow Bay beach, with the sunscreen on, armed with the latest favourite book and some time. Warm up in the sun, then take some soft sand and go to the little creek, which runs into the sea. Rub dry and wet sand all over wintery body , especially feet and go into the sea to wash it all off. A little swim can be added. When back home wash off salt and lather with cold pressed almond oil. Wow, all that old skin is gone and spring is in my step and in the air. We have real great flowering plants right now, and all the birds are very busy mating and feeding and chirping. At work the other day, 3 orange footed jungle fowls had some fights, and two of them ended up in the pool. Very funny to watch. And the cassowaries are out and about again. Busy times

Sunday, July 13, 2008

July update

Good July news!
Simon the local stone specialist designed and constructed this low rock wall to create a new entry to our house. Power - Phillip assisted by moving all the rocks into position and did part of the foundation work. All we need now is gravel and it will look very nice. This finishes the stone work session for this year, and I think it looks stunning. Meanwhile we have had rather chilly weather but now it is rather pleasant and beautiful. The gardens we put in last year are coming along nicely and I just 'discovered; the colour of the last hibiscus, which took all this time to flower. Well, until next time. Take care of yourselves. Bye from Marion

Friday, May 30, 2008

June News

Good Day! The news for June 2008 is, that we now have build steps into our fresh water creek. This makes a new look for the drive way and hopefully an easy access for the less adventurous to enjoy the beauty of our fresh water creek. You may even go for a swim! I always love swimming there, maybe not so much right now; you can picture me sitting here rugged up in all my best woollen jumpers and cardigans, including socks. Yes, winter is here, only for some hours in the morning and at night time, during the day is is gloriously sunny and warm. Good weather to work outside, walk at the beach, do that hike to Mt. Sorrow. The new gardens are coming along very nicely and I still ' discover' the new colours in the different hibiscus bushes. We had a surprising number of lovely guests during the wet season; travellers are more daring now than ever to explore the Wet Tropics during our summer months. Great! Even though the Daintree becomes a well known destination, it is still the place to get away from it all, and a place where nature and people come together.