Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cleaning with HaRa

Alright !!!
We all do it: cleaning the house!
No one really loves it, but I can stand only so much.... then of course with a B&B to run, I clean a lot more often than usual; guests have certain expectations.
I live here now for nearly 16 years. The wet season = summer is not the same each year, meaning some years there is mould everywhere and I have felt very overwhelmed having to clean walls, ceilings. doors furniture practically every week- I mean: REALLY ??? Then everyone has their special tip:
eucalyptus oil =  monster headache in 5 minutes and no win;
clove oil= little more pleasant but no win; chlorine, bleach, vinegar etc.
I even had a trial on all our timber chairs for a week so see which one grew mould first.... that  should have been a warning for something...
Fortunately this sort of weather is not happening all year around or every year, and a good thing too.
Finally a friend of our  German family came visiting and then posted me a HaRa starting kit.
WOW- how kind was that. I was not really convinced of course, that would have been far too easy-right ! So I diligently kept cleaning but using the HaRa kit; detergent, cloth, polishing cloth and so forth. And there were moments after 2 - 3 months, where I checked the doors, because I had not cleaned them for a while- had I forgotten, they didn't look bad- and they weren't ! I didn't have to clean them; now that was a great outcome. And so on it goes. Even now, middle of a wet season guests arriving this week, I walk around to check book shelves, surface etc. and there is little to do. I am not using any chemicals, the job is done quickly and I clean less and less. Loving this product.
And I just received this little logo to use from HARa


Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Autumn and new Qld app

Hello there,
 yes it is autumn, and right this minute we have the beginning of a storm, brisk wind gusts and a whoosh of cold air coming through, all we need now is some rain to go with it.
Busy pruning the garden back ready for Winter and  a little rain after this helps the plants to settle and get into the fertiliser and new ground covers.
Tourism Queensland has a new website and an app to go with it- check it out and keep it on hand = mobile while you are travelling and even  visiting our Cow Bay Homestay B&B.
oops and in English and lots of other languages