Friday, February 20, 2009

March ? 2009

Good Day!
i wish it is March!!!! Not long to go, and hopefully the sweaty/ wet season is over. As much as the vibrancy of a good wet is just amazing, it is also quiet enough sweating by now!!
And what a wet we have had! 4 weeks ago it rained rather hard, long and heavy and the result was a big wash out on our bridge, which is the only access to the property. Scary!! The creek actually rose so high that it went over the bridge and the force of all that water washed nearly 1 meter of the bridge surface away and exposed the pipe underneath considerably. We can still drive over it though, after some work to holes etc. However the repair has to be done and hopefully soon. We were not the only people having flood damage after that night. Fortunately we did not have any more heavy rains after that night, however aeas south and west of us had lots of rain and much more flood damage for extended periods. Meanwhile the south of Australia, Victoria and New South Wales had devastating bush fires going on at the same time. This continent can be very extreme.
Now we are hoping for a drop in humidity and an increase in human activity as a result. All that rain, sun and heat make for a great recipe for explosive plant growth, in particular to lawns and weeds. I think some of the weeds grow more than 300mm in 2 weeks. Impressive.
Right. I had better get a plan of attack drawn up to get started on it or we will find ourselves in a wilderness of the kind we are not appreciating.
Hope all the readers will have a great 2009