Friday, February 24, 2017

Plants we grow

Hi all!
While redoing our property sketch last week, I thought about adding a list of all the plants we grow here. Well, the list is too long to fit. So here it is:
---in no particular order---

 Dancing Lady orchids, Cooktown lilies, some bromeliads, ferns, 4 + ground covers, Tamarind Tree, Jaboticaba Cherries, Papaya, Sugar Bananas, West Indian and Tahitian Lime, 3 + other citrus, Lychee, Mangosteen, Passion Fruit, Chilies, Chives, Curry leaf, Cat Whiskers, Cat Tails, Happy plant, Pandas,5+ Hibiscus, Jasmine, Gardenia, 15+ flowering Gingers, also White Linen, and Haliconias, Pagoda, Orange Shrimp Plant, Costas, Frangipani + one evergreen, Bangkok Rose, Cord lines, Crotons, Fox Tail Palm, Black Palm, Fishtail-, Alexandra- and Fan Palm, Sun Jewels, Darwin Hibiscus, Chinese jade bush, Monsteria, Mangos, vines, and match box, Rose of Sharon, Pony Tail.
 There are some more and then there are all the Rain Forest plants all around us.

  Right now it is pouring down rain. This is probably the 8th shower this morning. Short and heavy, cicadas are on full volume. It becomes really dark quite quickly, the noise of the rain comes already through the trees and then woooosh ! Easing off a little now. It will then stop, drip for 10 minutes and then maybe clear a little. Then there will be the next shower. It is really nice, sort of, and does not happen all the time either.. Sorry, this shower just intensified: straight down, strings of rain. Right: TV just came on again, and yes it is clearing now. A very spicy smell is in the air- I have never identified this, but it is very characteristic for the tropics.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Business Seminar this week

Good morning!
I went to a business seminar this week and the owner of Sweet Farm spoke about their farm, tours, history and future plans. I think it would be a great tour to do:

And then there is this: Enjoy!!!

That is all the good news for one day!