Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 2017 !

Happy New Year, and let's get into it!

Great guests stayed with us form one year into the next! And we enjoyed some more bookings after that. Right now the rain has sort of started, but nothing what other local areas have had. However the creek is running nicely and I did some ' tidy' up there yesterday and have to cut an overhanging vine out today, in case things want to get tangled up in the next flood and cause a problem. Good work this: ankle deep in cool flowing water. The garden looks really good now, variety of different flowers give nice splashes of colours. For any visitor to the area now, please check opening times for tours and restaurants; some close for maintenance, others just go on holidays as this is our (s)low time of the year. Cow Bay Homestay B&B  is open throughout; phone me for special deals and come to visit the Wet Tropics in the Wet Season!
The photos is of a match box vine, right next to our back deck: the round cases were used to store matches. It will take some time before it is mature and dries and can be used. It is a little more than 1 meter long.