Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Helga, the amethestyne python

 we have a new resident next to the path at the house, turning up mid morning to excite guests as they leave for their daily adventure here in the Daintree Rainforest or taking the luggage to the car.
One guest named it/her/him??? Helga the other day. Providing great photo opportunities as Helga just seems to lay around on a cover of palm fronds. Not even sunning itself.
We have enjoyed fabulous weather for January, even cool at night time and blue sky and calm seas. The creeks are just perfect, clear and running over stones, but watch out...the water can be cool.
Here at the B&B we have had great guests this month, and they all loved their  'we t' season visit up in the north, because it is less crowded than down south.
The sun bird babies on the deck have taken off into the wild.
The other birds are more or less noisy, feeding on different trees during the day or early in the mornings, with the sulfur crested cockatoos making most of the racket and performing aerial acrobatics over the big garden next door.
And have a look at this hibiscus. My favourite this year.